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Chinen Yuri's Birthday Present~ <3

My first drawing potret of Hey! Say! JUMP's members~~
CHINEN YURI desh~~ >_<
It's also as a present from me for his belated birthday~~!!
Althought it's a bit too late...DEMO

chinen yuri potret


Exam Mood~

Today was a very tiring day~!! >_<'
I have to finish all PBS (for all Malaysian's form 2 students) for All subject that I learnt in class...
Especially on Art subject...
Lucky, that I can drawing~~ ^_^
Next week, I have the final exam in this year...
Doki...doki dayo~
So...this month I'm very busy...
I'm little sad that I can't watch JUMP's videos,School Kakumei and Shounen Club~!! X(
Because...I have to study hard from now...
And go study in Japan~!!! \(>__<)/

My tweets


My tweets



Yeah~~!!! yokatta~!!
Finally, I've got download Mystery Virgin (Ryosuke Yamada) - PV and Making
and Moonlight (Ryosuke Yamada) - PV and Making >___<
It's all thanks to aozorasubs desh~ <3
Hontoni arigatou gozaimasu~~ ^__^

 Mystery Virgin (Ryosuke Yamada) <3

Moonlight (Ryosuke Yamada) <3

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Heart broken~

Last night there was Kyo no hi wa sayonara right???
I never know if my friend doesn't tell me...thanks friend~
I'm very sad... :(
Well I'm not this sad if it just normal story
BUT, it's have my ichiban...Yamada Ryosuke!!
I've waited it for long time since I know that Yama-chan was one of the actor in the story...
Thanks to hsjump-world,
I've finally got my smile back~ :)
I can download the story from there~!!! <3
Hontoni arigatou gozaimasu~!! ^_^

A beautifull day~

Today, is a bright day right~
I've entered my name in the chess competion last week..
And the competion is finally TODAY!!!
Althoungh I've played it before, but it's was my first time play in the competion!!
Before the game start,
I'm really really nervous...
and I can hear my heartbeat too...
That's before, but now!!!
I'm really really happy~
I've won the game~!!!
I hope everyone have a bright day in your life too... :)

My new life~!!

Konichiwa minna~
Atashi wa Dyla Atheera desh~
I'm a very big fan of Hey!Say!JUMP...especially Yamada Ryosuke.. of course~!! <3
My niban is the cool Arika Daiki~
My sanban is kawaii Chinen Yuuri~
Of course I like the other members too...
I love drawing...but I never start drawing their potret~ hehehe
Although I'm live in Malaysia...but..
Now~ I'm going start to buy their things like keychains and picture~!!!
I'm 'going' to start but not buying it 'yet'~ hihihi
I'm really hope that I can buy it... ^_^